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Do you enjoy exploring new places using all of your senses, especially smell and taste? Do you value getting real cultural insight in the places you visit? Do you search for local cuisines off-the-beaten path? If so, we’re here for you!

FORKLORE is a unique travel company focused on exploring the real Poland by introducing you to authentic, traditional flavors. Allow us to guide you on an exclusive adventure through undiscovered places of Poland where you will cook traditional Polish cuisines in breathtaking scenery, learn about the history behind astonishing sights and unfrequented towns, and taste a diverse array of traditional Polish food and drink. 

Our patented, never-failing recipe for a perfect holiday is ready to be tasted by you. A truly unique culinary experience, with a pinch of exotic flavors, a splash of cultural knowledge, a side of astonishing sights, and finally topped with a solid sprinkling of fun. 

Are you ready to taste the real Poland with us?

Are you hungry for Polish adventure?

Take a step into the kitchen with us and discover the secrets of Polish cuisine!


You can choose from customized culinary events organized in Poznan or nearby areas, to weekly culinary trips through South-East Poland, including visits to Warsaw and Krakow.

Or feel free to join in one of our special cooking events, which we will be organizing throughout the year.

Choose the best option for you!


Cooking classes, alcohol tastings and much more



A week on the trail of Polish wine, bread and cheese



Exclusive culinary meetings with regional cuisines


Why Forklore?

Authentic taste

You will be taken to places with real, traditional Polish cuisine. Hand-selected by locals, cooked by locals, and now to you. You won't find this in any guidebook

Unique offer

You will have the special opportunity to discover places off-the-beaten-path. We combine unique destinations with top quality culinary workshops

Local guides

You will be guided by locals who are absolutely in love with their own country. Our passion is to share our knowledge and experience so you can get a real taste of Poland

Small groups

You will be in small groups of maximum 15 people. We want to provide you with a more intimate, specialized experience and ensure you feel completely immersed in the local culture

“Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma.”

– Anthony Bourdain