Let us guide you through locally made craft beer, wine or infused vodka and mead!

Discover the high quality Polish alcohol!

Did you know that Poland produces high class wine, appreciated by top wine connoisseurs? Or that Polish craft beer culture is currently flourishing? Not mentioned the tradition of making infused vodka ('nalewka') or best mead worldwide. Yes, Poland is not only about vodka!

Our offer includes tastings of different varieties of locally produced alcohol:

Craft beer tasting – the professional brewer will guide you through 4-5 samples of various beers brewed in Poznan and in the region of Greater Poland. You will have the chance to smell different hops and learn about the difference between various types of beer.

Polish wine tasting – what may seem surprising, Polish vineyards and their high quality wine are getting more and more popular worldwide. During our event the qualified wine-taster will present 4-5 samples of Polish wine, teaching you how to taste it in a professional way

Infused vodka (‘nalewka’) & mead tasting – ‘nalewka’ is a traditional Polish alcohol, typically made at home following a well-protected family recipe. Based on a natural spirit, it usually consists of 40-45% of alcohol, produced by infusion and usually left to mature for a number of years. ‘Nalewka’ can be made of any fruit or herb you can possibly imagine. 

Another national speciality is mead, made by alcoholic fermentation of a mixture of honey and water.

During our event you will have the chance to try 4-5 samples of mead and homemade ‘nalewka’ made of locally grown wild forest fruits. Our expert will explain the process of its home brewing while sharing his passion with us.


Every Polish person knows that drinking on an empty stomach is not the greatest idea, so be ready for a great portion of regional food samples. You will have the chance to try i.a. regionally produced cheeses, cold meat and homemade pickles. Like a typical Polish housewife, we won’t let you stay hungry!

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Check out what we offer!

from 99 PLN/person
  • Professionally guided tasting
  • 4-5 samples of regionally produced beer/wine/infused vodka
  • A plate of locally made Polish tapas
  • Great dose of interesting knowledge

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