How did it all start?

Have you ever felt like you’re made for something else than what you’re currently doing? Like you wish to create something from the scratch you’d be proud of? And what’s most important – that you dream of combining your passion with your way of life?

Well, this is exactly what we’ve been thinking for the last years. Until now, when the Big Day and the Big Steps have come.

Who are we?

We’re a team of three travel freaks and food lovers. Family members and above all – best friends.

Definitely none of us is a type who would like to settle down and have a quiet, ‘trouble-free life’.

Looking back over the years, if we weren’t currently travelling somewhere abroad, we were surely counting our days down till the next trip and planning new adventures still to come. Definitely one of the most important parts of our travels was always direct contact with the locals and trying regional food away from touristic spots.

Within this years, travelling and living abroad made us actually realize, that we are also local patriots, loving our homeland more than we would ever expect. Each time coming back from abroad we appreciated what we have around us as the every-day-part more and more. Surely, there’s no place like home!

What’s the idea?

The idea for FORKLORE appeared during Paulina and Michał’s career break travel through Asia, where they got to take part in numerous cooking classes and absolutely fell in love with this way of exploring new places.

Trying real regional flavors from the inside of the kitchen, cooked with the locals, was a special experience. It made us realize even stronger than ever that real local food gives you an incomparable insight of the place you visit. Our travel experience shows also how hard it is sometimes to find places serving proper traditional dishes, not fake touristic overpriced stuff.

Soon we started questioning ourselves – why not to share our love to Polish food with tourists visiting our country and help them to TASTE THE REAL POLAND? As we could not find any cons – there we go!

 Who is it for?

 Main aim of Forklore is to create a place for foreigners visiting Poland who are passionate about discovering local cuisines and off-the-beaten path places during their travels as much as we do.

Through the years we have hosted in Poznań many tourists met through the web platform connecting travelers from all over the world. We have always loved showing them Poland from the locals’ side and seeing their sparkling eyes while trying pierogi for their first time was absolutely priceless.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing foreigners falling in love with our country, especially if their idea about Poland wasn’t the best at first.

Let us share the love to Poland also with you!

Wait, but why “FORKLORE”?

Yhm, really..?

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